Each business is unique and has different needs and budgets. Whether you have a small company with basic requirements or a large organisation with more demand for speed and data, we have a solution that will work for you. Start by selecting your DSL option based on what will best suit your needs. Packages from 1Mbps to 40Mbps are available.

Our packages can be configured and bundled with value add services that start with basic last mile simply offering DSL as a connection, to bundling it with Internet data, SIP trunks for Voice can even accommodating hosted PBX with failover. One connection can accommodate all your needs.

DSL offers reliability at a good speed, whether mailing, having a video conference, transferring large amounts of data or connecting your staff. No company can operate efficiently without a reliable, cost-effective broadband connection. DSL is a good option and starting point to bring your business into the 21st Century.

DSL Packages

1Mbps DSL

Connection only R59.27 per month


2Mbps DSL

Connection only R155.29 per month


4Mbps DSL

Connection only R260.20 per month


8Mbps DSL

Connection only R348.06 per month


10Mbps DSL

Connection only R378.29 per month


20Mbps DSL

Connection only R421.94 per month


40Mbps DSL

Connection only R527.43 per month


Fibre to the Business [FTTB]:

Get the Internet of the future,with up to 100Mbps fibre lines that are available and can be bundled with any value add service needed to grow your business. Choose your speed, build your solution and add your services. Fibre has the ability to manage all your needs over one connection and can be bundled with voice, data, collaboration, UCS, Presence and hosted PBX and is a very cost effective connection.

Solution overview:
Fibre offers a stable and reliable connection and can deliver at a constant speed. Fibre out performs its copper alternative, does not degrade and is virtually unlimited in its ability to meet the needs of any demanding organisation.

  • It is not prone to theft as there is no real scrap value
  • It is a cheaper alternative than DSL which requires a copper line as a base cost and a broadband connection of choice that still needs to be bolted on top of the line.
  • It is fast and delivers services at incredible speeds.
  • It is 50 times faster than copper.
  • It can transfer data at a speed of 2Mbps and can peak at 100Mbps

FTTB Packages. (No line rental applies)

2Mbps fibre

[1024 up / 2048 down] only R348.84 per month


4Mbps fibre

[1536 up / 4096 down] only R374.68 per month


8Mbps fibre

[2048 up / 8096 down] only R426.36 per month


10Mbps fibre

[2560 up /10240 down] only R465.12 per month


20Mbps fibre

[5120 up / 20480 down] only R542.64 per month


40Mbps fibre

[10240 up / 40960 down] only R620.16 per month


100Mbps fibre

[25600 up / 102400 down] only R723.51 per month


All prices exclude VAT
Excludes installation. Prices on request

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